How To Sell Your House Even If You Have Squatters

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Are you trying to sell your house as fast as you can? Maybe you did not realize how squatters can be a real issue. Yes, we know it can be a nightmare to handle them, but be aware not to make decisions impulsively. Remember, these people are not trespassers and squatters. These are two different terms. Trespassing is considered a legal and moral offense, while squatting is simply the act of moving into an unused or abandoned property. Thus, it is not classified as a legal offense because they did not move in a property being used. Your dispute might be treated as a civil issue, but evicting them can be a problem.

Remember, there are ways to sell your house that has squatters in it. However, you must learn the process properly to ensure that you do the deed carefully. Let us start with what squatters are and whether they have any legal rights?

What Are Squatters?

By definition, squatting is the act of using the property that is not being used or has been abandoned. Squatting is done at the expense of the property owner. It is technically illegal because squatters do not own the house, but there are certain gaps in the laws that give squatters some protection.

Do They Have Any Legal Rights?

To claim property, by law, one has to stay in that property for at least 18 years. Thus, squatters are just people that have moved into your property to live for the longest time, having no intentions of moving out. In such incidents, the best solution is to sell your property to real estate companies like, which deals with quick buy and sell of the property. This will give you the leverage to stay out of the mess with dealing with squatters on your property.

The Ultimate Issue

The main problem with squatting is that even the real homeowner cannot tell them to evict the house if they do not have a court order. However, in most cases, getting this order is quite easy as it comes under removing squatters’ sanctions. Having said that, you may have to learn about the laws because removing squatters is not a simple task, and it can be full of hassle.

Selling Your House That Has Squatters

If you are a homeowner with squatters, the following quick tips can help you a great deal with selling your property. Let us see what these tips are and what you must know:

1.     Know The Laws

Do not take the law into your hands, rather learn about them.  You must be aware of all the laws of your state regarding tenants. Many state laws say that anyone who lives in a property for more than 30 days becomes a tenant. It is the main loophole used by the squatters, making it difficult to evict them. Squatters can also claim the rights over property in some cases, known as adverse possession. However, if it has to happen, there are many conditions that they need to comply with. These include living in that property for several years. So make sure that you can collect evidence to the contrary.

2.     Inform The Authorities

Yes, it is very tempting to just walk into your property and make the squatters leave with force, should the need arise. However, control that impulse right there and inform the police. If you see that someone has possession of your property without your permission, that is obviously illegal and considered trespassing. Thus, it would help you if you inform the local police about it. When the police come to your house, you must ensure that you show them the documents that say you are the owner of the house. So that police can take action immediately. If the squatters refuse to leave, you must take the proceed to eviction.

3.     Start The Eviction Process

If the police cannot evict the squatters, you need to move on to the legal eviction process. Different states have different laws about eviction; however, most processes start with issuing a legal notice to the squatters saying that they need to evict the property. The legal notice, most of the time, gets the squatters out of your property instantly. However, in rare cases, squatters might get a notice of few days to evict your property. This process is 100% useful; however, it is costly and extremely time-taking.

4.     Clean The House And Sell

When the squatters evict your property, it is advised that you must take a good look at it and check if there are any damages. You must repair all the damages that they have done to the house. Once you are past this stage, it’s time to contact a real estate company.

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