5 Tricks to Make Your House Look Saleable

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It is very stressful to sell a property if it is in a disastrous state. Suppose the property needs a lot of work. In that case, we can understand that it can be super intimidating to put it in the market without putting in a big chunk of money and time to renovate it. You begin to think that your house is the ugly duckling in the neighborhood with old floorings, chirped wall paints, broken windows, and other damages that are not pleasing to the eye. But here is the deal, not everyone has enough money to completely overhaul the house and fix things to sell it.

Interestingly, it is not necessary to completely revamp it. We will give you the good news; you do not have to put too much money into doing major renovations. It is not even the smartest choice to do that even. We know it is contrary to your belief but let’s look at it this way, once you put on carpeting, the next buyers may scrape it off and put wooden flooring. So why waste money for nothing? At a time like this, we know you want to sell your house, but we need you to play it smart.

Selling a house fast and with some real good money does not mean you have to make it look aesthetically pleasing. Rather it needs to be done in a manner that brings out its originality. If someone walks through the door and cannot distinguish a toilet from the kitchen, then perhaps you’re doing something wrong. Fixing that would not take too much money, rather It will take some smart decision-making.

It is all about selling the property with its original features that detail its floor plans, room space, ceilings, and the potential it can achieve if the buyer buys it and makes changes as per their needs. As long as there are no major issues such as structural, you are good to go and do not need to invest too much in the property.

Steps to sell a house that requires some work

  1. Clear out any outdoor clutter and clean up your backyard
  2. If you have broken floors, windows, staircase or even ceiling, fix it
  3. It is wise to understand how renovation loans work
  4. Make sure you focus on the bigger rooms of the house that are the attraction points
  5. Do not overprice the house

Clear out any outdoor clutter and clean up your backyard

Cleaning up the landscape is very crucial to get an attractive offer for your property. Study shows that the value of your house rises by as much as 12% if you clean up the clutter on the property’s landscape. As they say, the first impression is the last impression; your buyers will eventually see the outdoors of your property first. Moreover, some real estate experts have also concluded that homes with a good landscape are worth 1% to 10% more than those without a good one. So if you work a day in your yard, you will end up getting paid for it.

If you have broken floors, windows, staircase, or even ceiling, fix it

Small repairs work like magic. As a seller, you should make these fixes, or you risk losing out on money you can make with those adjustments. So playing smart is the key here. Your buyer can easily get turned off looking at cracks and other fixes he needs to do in order to get the property in some bearable form. Don’t scare the money away. Hence, make these minor fixes before you let any buyer set foot in the property.

It is wise to understand how renovation loans work

It is the best way for a buyer to buy a property that lets them get a loan for the renovations. The finances are released to the buyer in phases to complete the renovations. It’s much better this way rather than the buyer buying a worn-out house and then paying for the renovations.

Make sure you focus on the bigger rooms of the house that are the attraction points, especially storage

Buyers often like to see clean spaces, and the biggest attraction for them is the storage spaces in the house. Afterall Mr. B is concerned for where his wife will store her huge wardrobe. So your mistake will be  If you stack the clutter in the storage spaces, you are not going to please Mr. B with that. Make sure all the unnecessary items are stacked away from the storage places. Moreover, if the bigger rooms in your house, which are the center of attraction, need some repair, get them done. These damaged rooms will not give a good vibe to potential buyers.

Do not overprice the house

“Do not overprice the house” is as simple as it sounds. If you are selling a house that is almost like a junkyard at a price of a furnished and new property, it won’t help you. You will need to keep the house’s condition and your buyer’s perspective in mind too. Factor in the costs he will need to incur for renovating the place and then come up with a reasonable price.


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