What Type of Houses Do We Buy for Cash

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What Type of Houses Do We Buy for Cash

If you are beginning the process of selling your home, you are most likely wondering what other people are looking for when selecting a house to buy. The problem with this is you cannot know the interests and wants of what each person is looking for in purchasing their new home. This is when we come in. You do not need to try and read our minds. We will tell you what we are looking for, which most likely is purchasing your house as is. Let’s go over what type of houses we buy for cash…

Any Condition, Reason, or Challenge 

You are probably asking yourself, is it really this easy? The answer is yes. Cash My Real Estate created a very straightforward process that includes no fees or obligations and includes houses coming in any condition, for any reason, with any challenge and any location within the state of Florida. 

We buy houses in any condition, be it:

  • An unattractive house
  • A beautiful house
  • A bug infestation
  • Damage from a storm
  • Damage from a fire
  • Having problems with a tenant
  • Having issues with construction 

Additionally, we buy houses no matter what the reason is example:

  • Lien on a property
    • A creditor will put a consensual lien on your property if you owe a debt.
  • Lis pendens
    • A lis pendens claims a lawsuit on your property has been filed.
  • Eviction 
    • An eviction is a court ordered removal of yourself from your property.
  • Probate
    • Probate refers to legally following out a person’s will after they are deceased to determine what will happen with their property. 
  • Divorce
    • Divorce is when two people are separating and you decide to vacate the home you shared together. 
  • Foreclosure
    • Foreclosure happens when you can no longer afford to pay the mortgage on your property and the house gets taken. 
  • Judgment Lien
    • A judgment lien is nonconsensually placed by a creditor on your property by going through a legal process. 

Lastly, we buy houses with any challenge including:

  • Being behind on taxes
  • Having low equity
  • Having title issues
  • Having HOA problems
  • Having a code violation

Finally, now that you know how easy selling your home to us is, you might be wondering…

How Selling Your Home To Us Works

Selling your home with us is easy enough, following a few simple steps:

  • Contact us
    • Fill in the form on our website or simply call us.
  • Lets talk
  • Accept Offer
    • Instantly, we will present you with a no-obligation cash offer.
  • Sign Paperwork
    • Cash My Real Estate will allow you to choose your closing and move-out date! 
  • Close and receive your payment
    • We will close with a reputable closing attorney or title company – you walk away with Cash for your Real Estate! 

Our motto “Client Wins, We Win!” pushes us each and every day to do our best job , and all in all, treat everyone the way we would like to be treated.

Final Word

If you want to cut yourself some slack from the hassle, uncertainty, and stress, Cash My Real Estate is the perfect solution. You can sell your home fast for cash. Cash My Real Estate is here to help you acquire a cash offer for your house in these simple steps. Contact us, schedule a visit, and get an offer within 48 hours! So, what are you waiting for?

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