Why It’s Better To Work With Us Rather Than An Agent

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Why It’s Better To Work With Us Rather Than An Agent

Selling your home is known to be a long and difficult process. Not only do you have to prepare everything physically, but also you have to prepare yourself mentally for moving out of a home that holds a lot of memories. For this reason, many people have started straying away from the ‘traditional’ route of selling their property with a realtor. With a realtor, you are looking at numerous fees and a long transaction process. Selling your home for cash with us, you are looking at saving thousands of dollars in closing costs and fees, as well as a much quicker transaction process. 

Let’s break down all the advantages of selling your home to us for cash. 

No Prep Necessary 

If you have ever been a part of the selling process before, you will know it is very common to expect repairs to be done before you can sell your home. Sometimes people will do this before they put the house on the market, or will come to an agreement with people moving in on something they will do beforehand; regardless, you are paying money for repairs before ever seeing any money coming in. We do not require any preparation work or repairs to be done. We will make the offer for your house as is. So, do not worry about making your home pristine and dishing out money on fixing every small detail.

No People Walking Through Your House

As mentioned above, your house must be in pristine condition in order to give it the best look possible to potential buyers. This is due to all the potential buyers walking through and scrutinizing your home. In an open house, there is no telling how many groups of people will be walking through your home. If this is something you would want to avoid, a cash buyer, like us, would eliminate this problem and save you the hassle of having numerous strangers tour your house.

No Waiting– Fast Closing

With a real estate agent, months can pass before you ever find yourself sitting at the closing table. With us, once you reach out, we will immediately get back to you within days. The process from start to finish can sometimes take only a week to two weeks. Imagine only waiting a week or two for your home’s worth in cash.

No Additional or Hidden Fees

With a realtor, you are going to pay more fees, as it is their job to help you sell your home. Traditionally, between these agent fees and closing costs, selling can cost up to or more than 10% of the sales price. With our offer, you will not see any of these fees and the entire contract will be completely transparent. 

Final Word for Selling Your Home With Us

If you want to cut yourself some slack from the hassle, uncertainty, and stress, Cash My Real Estate is the perfect solution. You can sell your home fast for cash. Cash My Real Estate is here to help you acquire a cash offer for your house in these simple steps. Contact us, schedule a visit, and get an offer within 48 hours! So, what are you waiting for?

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